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yoohee & nhi runs this tumblr :)

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Queued posts are set to every five hours. Credit is given by click through links on the pictures of where we found them or by reblog credit. If you wish for your credit to be posted in a different way, please request it via our questions link. Thanks<3.

Anonymous said: I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog. :) I also love how sweet you guys are. Instead of hating on people who speak to you in a rude and demanding manner, you're very polite about it. It's very admirable. <3

Aw, why thank you. Haha, maybe Danbo just brings out the best in us. `^_^v But thank you and we hope you continue to enjoy our blog. `:> <3

Anonymous said: how did you know that danbo is a female?

Danboard or Danbo for short is Miura Hayasaka in a cardboard box suit from the Japanese manga series Yotsuba&!.

She is a friend of the main character’s friend. You can find out more information about her from the manga’s wikipedia site. And I think if you go back a few pages on our site, you can find that we posted the chapter where Danbo first appears, if you want to read / check it out. (:

panda-hookah said: Hunny that's not your fault, it was a simple mistake and your aggressors are just going overboard berating you. :P

Aw. I’m just sorry that I’ve made them angry and have been spamming your dashboards with it all. >.<;

Anonymous said: I don't think you should feel so guilty for it! Don't let those haters bring you down, seriously. It's JUST a blog....it's not like you're PROFITING from using their photographs, you know? You're not making money off of this. So they need to chill.

Keep up the good work!!

Ah, thank you. ^^<3 We definitely are not profiting from this in any way. Like we’ve said before, we just want to spread around the Danbo love. ^_^ I hope they can forgive my mistakes. I never thought of editing a reblog before, but I am now if I see a picture that I know was taken by someone else. I’ll put credit. /)_(\ But if this continues, I’d like to kindly ask that they be directed to the people who’ve originally posted the pictures. x: Or is that not good? I’m sorry. >.<;

tits--mcgee-deactivated20110602 said: ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?!
( no offense to gays ) .

Haha no I’m not. At first, I thought it was a He too, but yeah it wasn’t LOL.

I still looooove Danbo :3

tits--mcgee-deactivated20110602 said: is danboard a female or a male ? (:

Danbo is a female. :D

panda-hookah said: Jesus it's just a simple mistake people, stop harassing the blogger, all you have to do is nicely ask for proper credit and correct him/her so they can fix the issue. Calm down. I'm tired of opening Tublr and seeing the Danbo blog getting assaulted.

`>.<; Ack. I’m sorry for flooding your dashboards with my mistakes. ): I will do better, I promise. Hopefully it won’t happen anymore. `u_u;

Anonymous said: I wish people would just let you do your thing and stop haggling you every day.

`>.<; I’m that I make stupid mistakes. I’m trying to do better so it won’t happen again. ):

bunny-rel said: Stop posting my photos on this blog! You are not giving me any credit and the source links are wrong! All my Danbo photos come from flickr. They are the photos with "Rel Photography" & "Ari Photography" watermarks.

Oh, I’m terribly sorry. `u_u I only reblog what I find. I see that we have some of your pictures from our (it’s my fault. `u_u) reblogs and we’ll put on the proper credit right away and then stop posting your pictures from now on. We’re awfully sorry. `u___________u

We are really sorry to all our followers as well. I’ll definitely try to do better from now on. ):<3

Anonymous said: I would just like to say that fuckyeahdanbo should just ignore all the haters. I love your website and you do a good job spreading the danbo love!

Thank you so much! We’re really glad you enjoy our site too. `:D As for haters… well haters gonna hate, right? Haha. `^^; Ah well. But thank you for checking us out and we hope you continue to enjoy the great pictures. `:D

Anonymous said: I just want to say I appreciate what you are doing running this blog. So what notsosmall.com also blogs about danbo. Why can't there be two blogs about danbo to make it even more popular? It makes no sense that someone like Justin Bieber can have hundreds of blog about him when there can only be one blog about danbo.

Aw. Thank you. We are so glad that people like our blog and share a common interest with us. (: There should definitely be more blogs about Danbo. She’s cute and it’s fun to search through tumblr and find pictures to reblog onto our site.

We hope you continue to enjoy our blog and submit pictures that you like as well! (: And thank you for this. `^^ Haha.

Anonymous said: Thats bullshit you reblogged an image FROM NOTSOSMALL.COM! so you not hearing about it until just now is a BOLD FACED LIE.

Did we? o: I don’t remember reblogging an image from there, but then again, we reblog from a lot of people who post about Danbo. o: I am sorry if I have made you angry, but I honestly never heard of it. I only search through tumblr for Danbo and reblog what I think is cute. Of course, there are other Danbo tumblrs out there, one that I particularly like is danboard.tumblr.com (followers! you should check that site out! `:D). But that’s beside the point. Notsosmall.com and fuckyeahdanbo.tumblr.com have different concepts though. From what I’ve read from their site, notsosmall.com takes submissions from people who have taken pictures of their danboards themselves. We at fuckyeahdanbo.tumblr.com look for pictures whether it be soompi.com or even just through the google search engine and post the pictures that we like (with credit to the site we found it on, of course) or we take submissions from people.

But of course, you’re entitled to your opinion. I’m sorry if we’ve made you angry about it, but I can honestly say that we didn’t try to steal anyone’s idea. If you are from notsosmall.com, I think it’s great that you like Danbo as well and hope you can continue bringing out more pictures of her. `^^

Ah. And to just add a little bit more. Our intentions in making this site was not to harm or cause anyone to be disgruntled. We just wanted to spread around the great Danbo pictures we find like. `^^;

Anonymous said: yeah, why did you decide to steal the idea of http://notsosmall.com the DAY AFTER IT LAUNCHED! answer that.

Uwah. I’m sorry. o: I’ve never even heard of that site until just now. But it’s cool to see that other people love Danbo as well. (: I’m sorry if you feel that we stole the idea, but really, we just love Danbo and we saw that it didn’t have a fuckyeah, so we decided to make fuckyeahdanbo. But looking through it now, http://notsosmall.com has a lot of cool pictures of Danbo. (: People should go check it out. `^^

bunny-rel said: I see a lot of my photos on your blog from my Danbo 365 without credit! Could you please credit me! They are the photos with the "Ari Photography" and "Rel Photography" watermarks. Thank you.

Oh my. I’m sorry. o: We do normally credit wherever we get the pictures (ie the websites or reblogging). I had no idea they were yours. ): I’m sorry. ):

Anonymous said: hey could you guys please remove my email from the dancin' danbo pic
i didn't know it was going to be posted like that, and i don't want to be spammed.


My apologies. u-u;