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Danbo getting all greedy over McD fries.
(via [ embr ])


Danbo getting all greedy over McD fries.

(via [ embr ])

Anonymous said: Hello
I hope the below link works.
I wish to advise that this image is my property and I note it has been added to your website. I am flattered that you have included my image to your site but I also note that no credit of the ownership is applied to this.
I will be grateful if you will address this matter by adding the proprietorship or removing from your site.

Thank you


The link doesn’t work? Do you have the actual link to the post?

I’d be fine with removing it from the site.

EDIT: Don’t worry, I found the post. Deleted it.

ryuzakichan said: cute blooog :3
where I can buy danbo?

I have no idea which shops sell Danbo, but you could get it online from eBay.



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Shifty Eyes



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